Lisa Medici presents her new poem: “Maze of Death” inspired by “Unholy Communion”

My smell is thick and fresh like pine sap exploding in wild fire
You proclaim to all who disbelieve you can smell something funny
Your sweet nectar the scent of home-life and honey
Suckled like Remus and Romulus
Miss your cookies and milk as forfeit for money
I wander in this maze of death, looking for a way in cause I can’t get out.
The faint banging on the thick concrete walls is not your imagination
But my machination
Mind plays tricks on you
I am the spirit prankster
AKA now Daddy’s undead gangster
Just a little boy holding onto his toy as summoned black hands destroyed
Inhaled my last virgin breath, my pupils dilate into blackness while you ventured into madness
You cradled me from birth and held me in your soul till my death
I’m here just behind the mirror just behind the thick concrete walls
I crawl with indignity looking for an exit way through not away
I can hardly see a way out but when you call for me I follow your strife
Took away my toys, now I play with metal rope
Just a little boy dressed in his Sunday’s best, in search of a Priest collar rather than a crooked neck
Around my neck a chain of steel rope
Anemic hope
If you look in a mirror not your reflection you will see
But a vision of a harrowing me
Bereft, your maternal call will let them see me
Electrical Evil lives beneath the concrete
Black smoke will rise piercing through the walls that encapsulate me
And they will see, a vision of a harrowing me, through glass, through time,
The dark seeds which sprout – planted by fr-enemies
Unholy, died I the day of my communion
A day of joy not disaster, becomes not a man but a Monster
Today as I penetrate,
Will dance with an ill-fated Saint,
Once my Mother now my Master
Lisa Medici 10/30/13