Turkey’s Situation: Dire

July 31, 2016 By William Medici   Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s tyrannical focus to retain his grip on his country has proved to be incredibly dangerous to Turkey’s citizens, allies and will lead to the continuing erosion of stability in the region and beyond. His reluctance to engage complex issues (i.e. Syria’s civil war, migrants, ISIS,… Read More →

Symposium shows Italy in the White House

  A symposium in the US capital on Tuesday highlighted the many influences Italy has had on the White House through the centuries, from Cicero’s ideal of the gentleman politician to the concept of equality espoused by Filippo Mazzei, which influenced Thomas Jefferson in guiding the nation’s founding principles.   The symposium “Italy in the White House:… Read More →

UNESCO envoys to visit Pompeii as UN envoys to evaluate ancient city’s state of conservation

  UNESCO representatives Christopher Young and Jean Pierre Adam will visit Pompeii Saturday at the start of a five-day mission to evaluate progress in the Great Pompeii Project, official sources said.   The two envoys of the UN Educational and Scientific Organisation will make a four day carry out a series of inspections to inspect the state… Read More →


Grande Italia – Piatti tipici e ristoranti etnici: nuovi sapori e nuove ricette si confrontano con la classica cucina italiana

Sintesi: L’evoluzione del gusto e la nuova immigrazione dai paesi nordafricani e asiatici, ha fatto nascere in Italia nuovi locali che offrono cibo esotico, da quello mediorientale a quello dell’estremo oriente, da consumarsi come spuntino o “a portar via” (take away). Le nuove abitudini alimentari stanno cambiando anche la tipicità dei piatti italiani che tuttavia convive ancora… Read More →

New Documentary About Brian De Palma Premieres at the Venice Film Festival

  “De Palma,” the first documentary in which Brian De Palma talks in-depth about his life and career, world-premiered positively at the Venice Film Festival Wednesday. Directors Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow, and also De Palma himself, spoke about how he got drawn out to make this candid reflection on an extraordinary career.   Noah and Jake,… Read More →


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