La Roma cosmopolita del XXI secolo – Non solo turismo: la Capitale come centro di raccolta delle migliori intelligenze e dei migliori talenti

Sintesi:   Malgrado sia una delle più ambite mète turistiche, Roma nei secoli è stata anche polo di attrazione di grandi intellettuali e prestigiosi artisti, sedotti non tanto o non solo dalla sua bellezza ma anche e soprattutto dalla sua capacità di essere culla di civiltà, fucìna di idee e stimolo di grande valore formativo    Articolo:… Read More →


Ferrari presents new super model called “LaFerrari” that will go for one million Euros

(ANSA) – Iconic carmakers Ferrari presented their new super model on Tuesday at the 83rd International Geneva Motor Show simply called ‘LaFerrari’ that will go for one million euros. Ferrari Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo said that “all of the 499 LaFerrari cars to be produced have all been sold”. The company said that it has received… Read More →

Beppe Grillo

Maybe Italy’s politicians aren’t crazier than those in the United States – Italian election coverage

(The New Yorker) Posted by Alexander Stille   The results of the last Italian election are baffling, if not incomprehensible, to most foreign observers: as one American friend put it, a majority of Italians voted either for a comedian (Beppe Grillo) or a clown (Silvio Berlusconi). A center-left coalition won a narrow plurality in the lower house… Read More →

The Art of Coat Checking

“The Art of Coat Checking” by Lisa Medici – Another tale from her series “Latte, Please!”

I had been looking for a job in this slow moving economy, and as an extremely versatile and somewhat adaptable person, in the past had always landed a job within two weeks. Now what seems to be more than six months and almost half-way through my savings, piggy bank, change-purse, and hauling tiny CVS plastic bags to… Read More →

Di Caprio Says Dolce is Sweet – The three-time Academy Award nominated actor and producer is in front of the cameras in new Martin Scorsese’s film

When Leonardo Di Caprio was asked about Dolce his response was “Dolce is sweet.” The three-time Academy Award nominated actor and producer is in front of the cameras in Martin Scorsese’s adaptation of The Wolf of Wall Street. Di Caprio plays the true story of Jordan Belfort, a New York stockbroker who refused to cooperate in a… Read More →

Dolce Sponsors Film Festival – Dolce is a proud sponsor of the New York City International Film Festival

In its fourth year, the festival will screen over 300 films from 52 countries. Headquartered in New York City’s Times Square, also known as the Crossroads of the World, the festival attracts over 25,000 visitors during six days in June.   In addition to the films screened in competition, the festival screens free movies at its outdoor… Read More →

American Dream(s) – New Television Series Broadcast on Mediaset

American Dream(s) from Dolce on Vimeo.   Created by William Medici, written by Lisa Medici & Valeria Silvestri, American Dream(s) is a dynamic new television series profiling young Italian professionals chasing the American Dream. Series premiere: December 1, 2012 on Mediaset – American Dream(s) é una nuova e dinamica serie televisiva volta a presentare la vita di… Read More →


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