Feature Film: The Second Wedding Night

Director: Pupi Avati


Cast: Antonio Albanese, Neri Marcore


Set in postwar southern Italy, “The Second Wedding Night” unfolds around Giordano, an eccentric, lonely man shunned by the townspeople of Torre Canne for his odd, melancholy countenance. He spends his days engaged in the dangerous task of de-mining the local fields, and his evenings in the company of two elderly aunts. However, the rhythm of his dreary existence soon changes when his widowed sister-in-law, Liliana, arrives with her son, Nino. Reinvigorated by these new relationships, Giordano soon learns the true value of family and finds his own sense of self-worth.


Genre: Romantic Comedy – Language: Italian with English subtitles – Runtime: 103’


Rent: $3.00