Feature Film: One Out of Two

Director: Eugenio Cappuccio


Cast: Fabio Volo, Anita Caprioli, Giuseppe Battiston


“One out of Two” is the touching chronicle of one man’s emotional rebirth. Lorenzo has everything – a successful law career, a beautiful girlfriend, a magnificent apartment – and now he’s about to embark on a business deal that will cement his success once and for all. Life is good, until one day out of the blue, he faints on the sidewalk. Rushed to the hospital, Lorenzo wakes to discover that he has been harboring a potentially fatal disease. Abandoned by his so-called friends and associates, the only person left for him to relate to is his hospital roommate, Giovanni, a Roman truck driver who understands Lorenzo better than he ever understood himself.


Genre: Drama – Language: Italian with English subtitles – Runtime: 90’


Rent: $3.00