Feature Film: Matchmakers

Director: Christian Bisceglia


Giovanni, an introverted thirty-something with a pathological fear of dogs returns to Sicily after losing his job only to find the employment situation back home just as dire. Desperate for work, he accepts an offer to go into business with an old classmate who runs a wildly successful matchmaking agency with an unconventional secret to its success. Predicated on the “Cyrano Method”, the agency turns convention on its ear by coaching vulnerable clients into becoming other clients’ ideal mates by any means necessary. Before long, Giovanni finds using the same, nefarious tricks to gain the affections of a beautiful woman, leading him to question his sanity as well, as the morality of the service he’s providing to the public at large. In Italian with English subtitles.


Genre: Comedy – Language: Italian with English Subtitles – Runtime: 92’

Rent: $3.00