A Paradigm of Love

Unfair is to blame a heart constructed from loss and self gain
Despair is to love something that can’t love you back but possesses your pain
With one hand every time you let go
Grip the same with the other to help you stay in control
Delusional is to touch the flesh in hope of reaching the soul
An adept Freudian disciple, you live your life in theory
Dangerous is this method without regard for query
Like Isis, guided you out from the darkness into the light
Summoning Hera against my Hecate’s plight
Goddesses of equal power
Moon dancing at wedding’s witching hour
Tunneling through infinity, no way in, no way out, you slay your Guide for an Escort
Imprisoning the never-ending strife of disallowing one’s potential in life
More fortunate the gambler betrothed to chance
Than the prima-ballerina choose not to dance
Higher are the stakes and risk for playing safe
Taking the quick bet on illusions in lieu of faith
Reveling in lies abundant, echoing the bind redundant
A foolish fantasy slaying logic, encapsulating your human drive
Falling short, until she offers once again her hormonal bribe
Enslaving, detaining, restraining, bondage and bound
Constructed of smoke and mirrors, aesthetic but not sound
Architecturally designed to crumble to the ground
Un-firm frame and foundation
Built on a sinking landscape of frustration
Time’s greatest stealer posing as greatest healer
Swinging pendulums hypnotize
Endured by Svengali hoodlums in a drive by
Defying gravity, weight suspended,
Fear of oscillating back to the unbearable equilibrium of being
Forever stable never fleeing
Love’s immobility paralyzes the heart, keeping one’s head detached
Eternal silent screams beam from prism’s of the spirit’s wrath
A rendering of the soul collapse
An indelible mark of romantic carnage, an insignia of former affection
Certainly not the Sign of the dove
Unquestionably a paradigm of love

Poem by Lisa Sinocchi-Medici
November 26, 2011