“Latte, please!” – A new series by Lisa Medici and one of your go-to-places to ease back out of your “daily grind.”

What European Italians take for granted, italophiles pensively create. Take the “pausa” or as we know it “break” from our workday. For most Italy dwellers, the daily pausa is a right not a privilege and as natural as sleeping in on the weekends.


A deep languorous cat stretch after a nap, a passeggiata or stroll along a roman brick road where one could easily stop and drink, l’acqua naturale from a marble fountain, escape from work and do a little shopping in Milan along via della Spiga, or sit outside at a Florentine cafe marveling the old world charm from a bistro chair, as attentive red-shirt servers cater to your destined choice of bibita, a long list of caffeine-rich elixirs, an Espresso? Café Breve,? Macchiato? Cappuccino? Americano?


Prendiamo un Caffe? Want to get a coffee? A ubiquitous inquest, be you tourist or local, a coffee break has been a necessary ritual more than ever before. From coffee etiquette to Lorenzo of Arabica style purists, Lee Marshall, travel writer on Itlay who list the 10 cardinal rules on “Il Culto del Caffe”. On occasion, maybe you fancy a tea but everyone deserves a break, right?


But that’s not really what this new column is about, I just thought if I laced this article with some coffee jargon, it would peak your interest. This column, “Latte, please!” Will hopefully be one of your go-to-places to ease back out of your “daily grind” and take a break and immerse yourself in some light-hearted fiction, cutting-edge trend, what’s brewing in your hood or “when in rome…..”


My choice of liquid escapism, begins with the entire ceremonial experience. I watch as the holy trinity anoints my vessel-ready cup, a dark-rich ribbon pour of espresso, a stream of steamy milk and finally, three spoonfuls of shimmering sugar, Amen. A communion wielded by conjuring magician hands summoning a barrage of levitating airborne foam, bubbling as the cup runneth over, yielding just the right viscosity to be lapped up by my anticipating lips. Each time I take a sip, I close my eyes and suddenly a serenade of sirens the likes of Sade, Adele, and Carmen Consoli call out to me. My surroundings disappear. I behold visions of latte nymphs all around me, now murmuring a Barry White tune “Let the Latte play.” Finishing that last sweet creamy pool of Italian milkshake, I open my eyes; I may not be in Italy but somehow the feeling is familiar, transported, refreshed and ready to continue my workday until the moment my willing addiction calls out for the next sweet fix, Latte, please!




Lisa Medici

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