Italian director, Paolo Sorrentino says directors don’t age well

amfAR Gala - 68th Cannes Film Festival
Paolo Sorrentino said Monday most film directors get worse as they get older.
“There are commendable exceptions but the truth is film directors often get worse as they get older, it’s very draining work,” he said. “I want to do another four – they’re all in my head,” he told RAI Radio 2. “However I’m not very dependable, the fourth only came to me a few days ago – up until recently, I had three in mind”.
Sorrentino said he was pleased the public supports his last movie and also that there was a show of indignation over the fact the Cannes jury snubbed his work this year. “A sudden bit of healthy patriotism…people sometimes prove they are far more intelligent than one gives them credit for,” he remarked.
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