GLADIO Looking For Limited Television Series

Dolce is looking to set-up GLADIO as a limited television series from an original screenplay. Based on true events, Gladio is in the vein of “All The President’s Men” and “Spy Game” and the “The Best of Youth.”
The film centers on the relationship between the U.S and Italy where the operation was known as “Gladio,” the Latin word for “Sword”. Initially, Gladio was set up to engage in clandestine, non-conventional resistance in the event of communist invasion. In 1956, 622 people were recruited and trained by the CIA at Capo Marrargiu a secret base on the northern tip of Sardinia, Italy. They were organized into 40 independent cells. Six were responsible for intelligence gathering, 10 for sabotage activities, 6 for codes and radio communications, 6 for running escape routes and 12 for guerilla warfare. Gladio established 139 arms caches, mostly in Northeast Italy near the Gorizia gap (mountain pass) on the Yugoslavia border, through which a Soviet invasion was most likely expected to come.